Cantilever Concrete Sleeper and Post - 1

A perfect example of the turnkey fit for purpose service that Concrib Pty Ltd provides to the civil sector.

Concrib Pty Ltd, was contracted by FKG Group to manufacture, design and construct 3 wall types.

#Cribwalls, our gravity retaining walls, constructed from interlocking, precast, concrete components. The advantages include the ease of construction, stability, strength, safety and adaptability.

#Concretesleeperwalls, which require minimal footprint with on-site productivity utilising varying panel sizes for minimal lifts per bay. The durability of the concrete composition means it provides quality finish and meets the design life required for sub-divisional developments.

#StoneStrongWalls which have earned a solid reputation for technical innovation. The design provides speed of installation and aesthetic appeal.

Each installation is backed by Concrib Pty Ltd unparalleled customer support.

Concrib Pty Ltd has maximised land value for the Queensland Department of Education, giving Concrib’s solid engineering principles and design, a competitive edge.

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