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The Concrib Due Diligence Checklist
helps you identify SOLID proposals that offer REAL value.

Your project’s important, and it MUST to be done RIGHT.

While most contractors are honest, diligent and meticulous when it comes to putting their proposals together… There will always be a few who take shortcuts and make use of inferior products and services.

Their proposals may look good — especially in terms of price, but don’t be fooled… Even if you’re promised a letter of approval from their engineer — there is still a chance you’re buying a lemon!

You don’t have to take that risk though, because…  We’ve summarised the 15 VITAL CRITERIA that will help you decide whether you’re getting value for money. And we’ve taken the liberty of including a little self-evaluation, so you can see how Concrib measures up.

Use our Due Diligence Checklist (pdf size: 94kb) to evaluate proposals for your next project, and make your choice with confidence.

Due diligence checklist


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