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Technical Data

Geoinventions Technical Papers (

  9m StoneStrong RSS Wall – Brisbane – AGS 2013 (pdf size: 995kb)

  7m Segmental Block RSS Wall - S.E. Qld – GEOMATE 2014 (pdf size: 670kb)

  4m Stone Strong Hybrid Gravity/Pile Through Wall (pdf size: 1400kb)

Technical Papers

  Durability Statement by Mullins Consulting (pdf size: 64kb)

  Concrete Retaining Solutions by Concrete Institute of Australia
    (pdf size: 5.6mb)

  Design & Performance: The Measures of Segmental Concrete Crib Retaining Walls by QUT (pdf size: 10.3mb)

  Design Criteria Checklists in accordance with AS4678:

  How to chose the right retaining wall (pdf size: 152kb)

Checklists and Drawings

  Due Diligence Checklist

  Standard Specifications (pdf size: 120kb)

Crib wall technical drawings

  Segmented Retaining Cribwalls - Typical (pdf size: 1.5mb)

  Crib wall install and component brochures (pdf size: 2.8mb)

  Crib wall design criteria checklist (pdf size: 635kb)

Sleeper wall technical drawings

  Segmental Retaining Sleeper Wall System - Generic (pdf size: 5.6mb)

  Sleeper wall design criteria checklist (pdf size: 680kb)

  Sleeper wall install and component brochures (pdf size: 2.7mb)

Stone Strong technical drawings

  Cross Section Stone Wall System (pdf size: 684kb)

  Stone Strong The Speed Of Gravity System (pdf size: 826kb)

  Miscellaneous Applications Stone Wall System (pdf size: 532kb)

  Piled Wall & Bridge Abutment Box Block System (pdf size: 721kb)

  Wide Blocks – 1.6m and 2.2m (pdf size: 1.2mb)

  Piled Retaining Walls (pdf size: 1.8mb)

  Traffic Barriers to NZTA Requirements (pdf size: 1mb)

  Stoneweb Reinforced MSE Retaining Walls and Bridge Abutments (pdf size: 725kb)

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