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4-metre high gabion retaining wall at Coomera


Project: Reserve Road, Upper Coomera
Client: Gold Coast City Council
Stats: 4m / 120 m2

Concrib was contracted by Gold Coast City Council to construct a gabion retaining wall. The challenge was to stabilize a road embankment adjacent to a creek at Reserve Road Upper Coomera.

The design was a collaborative effort between Concrib, Butler and Partners, Gold Coast Council and the manufacturer of the gabion baskets, Maccaferri.

An initial geotechnical investigation of the site identified a potential sliding issue. This was due to the presence of clay layers within the weathered rock foundation.

In order to meet this challenge, a mass concrete footing was constructed with steel starter bars cast into the top face.

The 3-metre-wide footing was sited adjacent to the creek. It also addressed site constraints imposed by the location of a water main immediately to the rear of the wall.

Construction of the footing required about 60 cubic metres of concrete.

Constructed over a period of three weeks, the gabion wall is 4 metres in height with a face area of 120 square metres with a volume of approx 200 cubic metres.

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Upper Coomera Gabion Retaining Wall
Upper Coomera Gabion Retaining Wall
Upper Coomera Gabion Retaining Wall

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