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Gabion hydraulic structure at Berinba

Roadtek engineers contacted Concrib to assist with the design and installation of a retaining structure to divert water flow and minimise erosion at a large culvert adjacent to the Logan motorway.

The site — close to Berinba in southwest Brisbane — is subject to major erosion during heavy rainfall events. The main problem was the large catchment created by the motorway embankment and the service road. This caused inflows from the side of the culvert into nearby housing estates.

Concrib designed and constructed a gabion ‘chute’ structure that was both aesthetically pleasing and able to withstand the high flow rates.

This was achieved through the Concrib team’s efforts to ensure the careful placement of gabion facing rocks and pay special attention to the alignment of gabion baskets.

The resulting hydraulic structure is made up of approximately 200 cubic metres of gabions/mattresses.

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Berrinba Gabion Chute
Berrinba Gabion Chute
Berrinba Gabion Chute

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