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Stone Strong Retaining Wall Provides Solution at Kawana Lakes

Posted on: November 26th, 2015
Stone Strong retaining wall under construction

Stone Strong retaining wall under construction at Kawana Lakes.


In early 2015, Concrib was commissioned to design, construct and certify engineered retaining walls at Kawana Lakes on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Due to increased traffic at on Birtinya Island, it had been decided to duplicate Lake Kawana Boulevard. The total distance was just under a kilometre. The $20 million project involved expanding two traffic lanes to four along the Birtinya Island stretch of the Boulevard. It included a bridge roadway.

Local company Shadforths Civil Engineering Contractors undertook the project on behalf of Stockland. They contracted Concrib to retain the bridge roadway embankment.

Concrib engaged Geoinventions Consulting Services to assess the soil parameters and loading conditions in order to conduct the design. Several retaining wall options were put forward. However the preferred solution was a Geogrid Reinforced Stone Strong Retaining Wall with maximum wall heights of up to 4.5metres. Where walls tapered to lower heights, a mass gravity wall was adopted.

Stone Strong Retaining Wall a credit to Concrib’s professionalism.

Referencing the soil profile from extensive borehole investigations, a layer of loose clayey/silty sand up to 3.8m deep was encountered. This necessitated improvement to the ground to be carried out; specifically a reinforced fill mattress to replace the low strength insitu material.

The Stone Strong retaining wall is a credit to Concrib’s experience and professionalism.

The aesthetically pleasing big block retaining wall covered a total wall area of 175m2. It was completed in June, 2015. All stakeholders, including Shadforths and Stockland were suitably impressed with the end result.

If you need an engineered retaining structure, talk to the experts at Concrib.
We have the knowledge and experience to tackle a variety of earth stabilisation, and construction projects.
Furthermore, our administration infrastructure is built around the needs of engineers, contractors and developers, so dealing with us is easy.

Please contact us on 1800 02 1800, or click here to see more examples of our Stone®Strong work.

Stone Strong: The Great Wall of Warner

Posted on: December 17th, 2014

Warner Lakes Stone Strong Wall

Ideally situated in the stunning Moreton Bay region in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, this award-winning community is living up to the high standards it originally set, and for which it has become renowned. (more…)

What’s new with StoneStrong?

Posted on: November 6th, 2012

StoneStrong’s new wide retaining wall blocks measuring 1.6m and 2.2m allow for bridge abutments to be constructed prior to any bridge abutment piling — which means that bridge piles can be subsequently drilled or driven through wide concrete block wall voids without compromising the integrity of your retaining wall system.

stone strong walls

Features of the StoneStrong Retaining Wall System

  • Two additional standard block sizes, measuring 1.6m and 2.2m front to back – current 24SF block is 1.1m.
  • Suitable for gravity retaining walls up to 5m high.
  • Can be used as “Pile Through” blocks – the internal voids will allow for pile casing diameters from 600 to 900mm as well as driven steel H pile and driven open casing piles to 760mm diameter.
  • Allows for abutment construction to be separated from bridge construction at contract stage.
  • Pile Through System that can be integrated with gravity retaining wall design or Geogrid MSE design (see additional data sheet).

If you are designing a project that involved bridge abutments or stone/concrete retaining walls, call Concrib today on (07) 3375 1800 and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements!

stone strong retaining wall

Concrib builds first Stone Strong interlocking block retaining wall in Australia

Posted on: February 15th, 2012

Project Quick Facts:

Project Gilston Road Upgrade, Gold Coast, Qld
Client Gold Coast City Council
Stats Two Stone Strong walls with heights up to 6 metres, totalling 525 square metres face area.
Consultant Stone Strong / Fraser Geologics Ltd (NZ)
Geotech Consultant Morrison Geotechnic Pty. Ltd.

Concrib recently won a tender by the Gold Coast Council for the design, construction, and certification of the first Stone Strong retaining wall System in Australia. The project involved building several retaining walls at different locations around a road upgrade site. Two of these walls comprised Stone Strong Systems (the first of their kind in Australia). These novel retaining wall systems are built from fully engineered interlocking concrete blocks, finished with aesthetically pleasing patterns and coloured sealants if required.

Project challenges

Stone Stone block close up
Stone Stone site photo during
Stone Stone site photo after completion
Stone Stone block close up

  1. Limited access to site area and limited space to store blocks for construction.
  2. Service locations (e.g. power/sewer/stormwater lines)
  3. Upon initial excavation for detailed foundation earthworks, some sections of the subgrade were found to have insufficient bearing capacity for the design parameters of the walls.

Concrib’s solutions

In response to these challenges, the Concrib team took steps to ensure that the project would succeed. These included:

  1. Concrib initiated a “just in time” delivery schedule for the blocks. Two to three times daily during build operations, a semi-trailer would shuttle between Concrib’s casting yard and the site. Each time delivering the exact amount of blocks required for each section under construction. Once this was done, back-filling operations could proceed uninterrupted.
  2. Taking service trench locations into account, and incorporating location specific treatments (such as deeper piers for some sections of the sleeper walls, as well as bridging piers and slabs).
  3. Removing unsuitable sub-grade material and replacing it with imported select fill, which was compacted and certified to 98% standard M.D.D. (This work was carried out by Gold Coast City Council.)

The benefits of Stone Strong Systems

Stone Strong Systems are designed and manufactured for ease-of-use, versatility, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Some of the benefits of these unique interlocking block retaining walls include:

1. Safe, secure, strong

Stone Strong Systems provide ideal earth stabilisation solutions for many diverse projects from shoreline protection, dump walls, and erosion control applications. Retained heights are only limited by the imagination, with straight gravity solutions up to 4.5 metres and reinforced earth applications well in excess of 10 plus metres readily available.

2. Innovative design and exceptional support

These fully engineered precast interlocking block retaining walls have earned a solid reputation for technical innovation and each installation is backed by Concrib’s unparalleled customer support.

The attractive webbed block design minimises concrete volume and transport/handling weight, while maximising geotechnical performance.

Stone Strong’s main large block is 2.44m x .92m. So with a face area of 2.25 square metres per block, installation is rapid.

3. Peace of mind

When it comes to quality, the precision manufacturing and superior design of each block ensures that these walls are built to last. Close dimensional tolerances, robust structural design, and 50mPa concrete, allows for a minimum 100-year design life within a broad range of applications and engineering settings.

4. Aesthetic appeal

In addition to their exceptional durablility and versatility, Stone Strong Systems provide attractive and affordable earth stabilisation solutions. This is achieved through the decorative effects of facing patterns (such as chiselled stone or split blocks). Additionally, blocks can be coloured with a variety of special concrete sealants.

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