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Engineered Retaining Walls

Generally speaking, engineered retaining walls are structural walls over 1m in height supporting assets such as carparks, bridge abutments, roadways, embankments, building lots, etc. Engineered walls must be designed and constructed to strictly comply with Australian Standards, for example, AS4678 Earth Retaining Structures. One of the most important aspects of this standard is the referencing design-life, and in the case of residential structures the requirement is 60 years.

To meet this requirement any engineered structure must be designed by a registered professional engineer, plus the components of the chosen system must be durable and the engineering properties of the materials must be well understood and repeatable.

It is no coincidence that materials such as steel, reinforced concrete and masonry elements feature prominently where code compliant engineered structures are mandatory.

Here at Concrib we offer a variety of durable engineered retaining wall systems such as Steel/Concrete Sleeper Walls, Concrete Crib Walls and our new “Stone Strong“ Mass Gravity Big Block System.

Concribs administration and operations are built around the needs of engineers, contractors, and developers – so dealing with us is easy !

How we can help…………

  • Establish the scope of work and identify applicable systems
  • Reference a geotechnical report to assign soil strength parameters
  • Provide you with a complementary code compliant preliminary engineering design
  • If required provide a comprehensive quotation for supply of retaining wall materials or a full supply and installation option.

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