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We know how important it is to invest in our team members, so we provide continuous learning opportunities that benefit both individual staff members and the company as a whole.

Training programs we offer cater for both short and long term needs and include both technical (e.g. equipment certifications) and non-technical (e.g. leadership development) topics.

Our proactive approach to the continued education and skills development of our team members allows us to:

  • Keep up with technological advancements
  • Stay up to date with the rapidly changing nature of business operations and composition of the workforce,
  • Ensure our team is equipped with the skills, values and work ethic that give us a competitive advantage

Our commitment to the process extends to providing paid leave for formal, job-related study, and the reimbursement of certain expenses incurred throughout the term of the study commitment. 

As a result, Concrib has (and maintains) the best-educated workforce, within the retaining wall and earth stabilization industry, in the Asia-Pacific.

View the Training / Career Matrix for Site Team Members (Pdf: 56kb)
View the Training / Career Matrix for Yard Team Members (Pdf: 24kb)
View the Training / Career Matrix for Admin Team Members (Pdf: 20kb)

Remuneration-based internal training programs

Concrib also offers a remuneration-based, internal training program that allows team members the opportunity to increase their daily or weekly wage by becoming more qualified and experienced.

As a team member increases the hours of experience worked in different areas of the business, they are compensated for this increase of knowledge. Further compensation is also applicable for equipment certification such as: forklift licence, bobcat licence etc.

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